Beauty Will Save the World


Beauty Will Save the World

Presenter: Peter Van Rhijn


This evening Peter Van Rhijn is serving a two course audio-visual dinner for us.  The first course is a brief instructional appetizer covering The Ingredients that go into a successful photograph. The main course is a 44-minute AV show “Beauty Will Save the World”  (quoted Fyodor Dostoevsky) which is pure entertainment. Starting in 1974, MCC members first taught Peter photography.  In Peter’s AV shows, photographic art comes first. Producing AV shows has always been Peter’s incentive to shoot and he has given his AV shows all around North America, including many visits to NECCC in Amherst, Mass. He was present at the inaugural meeting of the North American Nature Photography Association in Fort Myers (FL) and rounded out their weekend with his medium-format show Strength in Beauty. Peter was a member of Fujifilm’s USA talent team. Stock photography was a spin-off of Peter’s efforts and his images have been sold in many places around the world.